My Ring Size is Not What I Expected – Here’s Why


Did you know that the finger size you get from a measuring tape isn’t always accurate? Many factors can influence your actual ring size, including time of day, temperature, humidity, and even the season. Because of this, it’s important to double check your measurements before buying a new piece of jewelry. While it’s not common, many women find their ring size chart doesn’t match what they expect. Here are some potential explanations for why this happens.

Evening Finger Sizes Are Larger

Research has shown that a person’s finger size increases significantly during the evening hours. This may be caused by the body releasing more estrogen at night than during the day. This can lead to a difference of up to 0.5 full ringsizes depending on the time of day! If you’re measuring at night, you might be better off measuring again in the morning. Alternatively, you can ask for a “morning finger size” if you’re shopping for jewelry.

Body Temperature Plays a Role

Temperature can also shift the size of your fingers. If you measure your ring size in warm weather, it’s likely that your fingers will be slightly larger than normal. Alternatively, if you take your measurements during cold weather, your fingers will be somewhat smaller. If you find your ring size chart is significantly different between warm and cold months, take this into account when shopping for jewelry. Ideally, you should also take into account the time of day you take your measurements.

Humidity Can be a Factor

The humidity in your environment can also affect your ring size. If the air is very dry, your fingers will be slightly smaller than normal. On the other hand, if the air is very humid, your fingers will be slightly larger than normal. While humidity has a much smaller impact than temperature, it’s still something you should take into account. You can measure your ring size during both warm and cold weather to get a more accurate reading.

Your Fingers May Be Stretched

The pads of your fingers may be slightly stretched out due to consistent wearing of certain rings. This can cause your fingers to appear longer. If you’ve worn a ring on the same finger for a long time, this could be why your ring size is different than expected. If this is the case, you can measure your finger again after you’ve taken the ring off for a few weeks. This should allow the pads to return to their normal size, and result in your correct ring size.

You May Have Different Fitting Habits for the Left and Right Hands

The difference between the ring sizes of your left and right hands may be due to fitting habits, as you may be used to wearing rings on your left hand and have become used to a looser fit. You may have to go up a ring size on the hand that you are used to a looser fit on. This can also apply to children’s growing fingers.