Materials matters! What are the most comfortable workwear materials for summer?

Sunlight and scorching temperatures are part of the deal for those who work outside. In addition to sunburns and dehydration, workers are often exposed to other health problems linked to heat, such as fainting and heat stroke. Heat rash, though relatively minor, can become extremely uncomfortable in Australia’s relentlessly hot summer.

 Workwear brands are discovering and developing new fabrics and garment technologies every year to combat the harsh summer sun and provide a safer working environment.

Most common workwear fabrics

Is there a safe fabric that you can wear at work?

Material and fabric used in the construction of workwear garments greatly influence their safety and suitability. Even though workwear may seem similar, there are some technical differences between them. It is important to know these differences to choose the right garment that will protect you for a longer period.

Natural fibres

Cotton, wool, and down, which come from natural polymers, are among the most common fibres used for comfort and warmth. They are often blended with poly fibre since they lack the strength and durability of synthetic alternatives.

The use of polycotton micromesh fabrics in work shirts has become immensely popular due to their lightweight and breathable properties


Polyamide fibres

Workwear is commonly made from polyamide fibres, such as nylon, owing to its strength and durability. Their high moisture absorption and slow drying properties make them more commonly used in blends with other high-performance fabrics.


The moisture-wicking properties of polyester and its light weight have made it very popular. Due to its lack of softness and comfort, it is often used in conjunction with cotton to make durable and comfortable garments.

High-performance fibres
Performance fibres with exceptional properties and features are now available thanks to technological advancements. The following are examples of fibres used in specialist workwear: ceramic fibres, carbon fibre, stainless steel, and aluminium. These are used for a variety of reasons, puncture resistance, cut resistance, and so on.

What to look for when choosing a workwear fabric?

To determine the quality of the best workwear fabric, you can look at a few aspects.

The colour fastness

Are your hi-vis yellow shirts going to stay that way for a long time? A dye colour’s colour fastness is determined by how long it will stay in the fabric, so long as the garment is washed according to instructions. You will have high levels of colour fastness if your garments are dyed properly, so your workers will be visible and will appear professional.

Having strength

Fabric strength denotes a vital aspect of work wear, especially when it comes to specialty workwear such as flame retardant or arc flash gear. The type of fabric used and the way the fabric is constructed determine the strength of the fabric. Generally, stronger fabrics last longer and provide more protection.


Shrinkage is common in safety workwear because of frequent washing and harsh industrial methods. When made into a garment, a good quality fabric doesn’t lose its shape or size due to pre-shrinking.

Under EN/ISO standards, garments should shrink by a maximum of 3.0% after three-cycle washing and tumble drying at 600°C.

Providing comfort

A garment’s comfort is affected by its fabric type and construction as well as by its finishing processes. Each factor plays a role in the final product, such as gauge stitching, seam placement, moisture levels, etc.

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