Learn to care for your insoles the right way.

You recently purchased new insoles and want to make the most of them. a significant and wise notion in terms of sustainability. You can accomplish this with the help of our insole care advice. Foot supports and insoles are content with regular conditioning, just like your shoes are.

For your Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Tailgate, insoles and foot supports are a real hygiene plus. They take in the moisture that the foot naturally produces throughout the day. You’ve probably noticed that your shoes are warm and a little damp after a long day. It’s precisely this moisture that insoles absorb perfectly.

This is how insoles feel for your shoes inside and out because humidity does not get into the internal sole. If you prepare your shoes with a shoe tree to dry them at the night, they help the drying process. A further amount of moisture from the inner lining is absorbed by shoe shapers made of absorbent materials.

Care tips for insoles.

  1. Air after each use.

The most crucial piece of advice regarding your insoles is to remove them from your shoes every night after work after wearing them. This enables them to dry and start releasing the moisture they have soaked up during the day.

  1. Change Regularly

Hand in hand with one goes the second piece of advice. In an attempt for the soles to dry ideally, this is always advisable to wear 2 kinds alternately. So one pair has the day off, while another pair offers more relaxation and hygiene in your footwear.

By the way, this piece of advice also pertains to your shoes: they must have at least one day’s break after having to wear them. Therefore, having some options in the shoe cabinet is great.

  1. Washable insoles. 

Washable insoles, e.g. ones created of terrycloth, occasionally welcome handwashing with a mild soap. Soak the insoles, apply some washing powder, and massage in a little with your palms. Wash off the foam and your soled shoes are fresh again.

  1. Clean leather insoles. 

Leather insoles can also be cleaned using Sandal Cleaner. The gentle foam not only effectively removes dirt from the insoles of tennis shoes, clogs, and shoes, as well as your insoles. The cleaner type is 100% biodegradable and solvent-free.

  1. Do not dry on the heater. 

Wet insoles are better left to dry inside the clean air or at room temp. Please do not put them on the heating; the heat damages leather insoles and could cause the material to crack.

How many miles you walk with your insoles, how much your feet perspire, which shoes you wear them in, how frequently you clean them—all of these things affect how long they will last.

If the leather on your shoes starts to curl or the upper material of your shoes wears off, you may want to consider replacing them.


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