Jackets & Knitwear You Must Stock Up On  

Jackets for women are available in many styles and types making it an all season favourite. Additionally cardigans, knitwear and the likes of it can be styled for even a slightly cool weather and not necessarily winter. If you’re looking to stock up on some winter wear at slash prices before the season hits or you’re simply upgrading your jacket section, this article is the place for you! Sweaters for women, jackets, and knitwear are very fashionable and cosy and we will take you through them all so you can make your choice and get shopping!

1- Cardigans for women 

Cardigans for women are one of the most popular outfits. You can shift from an elegant look with that floral dress you own to a hot look with those high-heeled boots paired with cardigans in your outfits. Every woman should try the following cardigan designs: open cardigans, belted cardigans, tunic cardigans, zipped cardigans, long cardigans, cropped cardigans/bolero, jacket/hoodie types, and cardigan vests. 

2- Pullovers for women 

Pullovers for women are back and looking better than ever. Grab your retro pullover sweaters to dress up your ensemble. Pair your pullover sweater with a blazer. Add up a zip-up vest to it and a belt bag. Accessorise it by wearing a belt bag and include a big chain necklace. Tuck in the pullover in the front and add a unique belt. You can also pair your pullover tucked in your jeans. For a more stylish look, wear a turtleneck under the pullover. 

3- Sweatshirts for women 

Everyone is wearing sweatshirts as a fashion statement. With such a wide variety of sweatshirts for women in the market available, this item’s adaptability in terms of personal style has increased significantly. For example, pairing a small skater skirt with a contrasting hoodie and ankle boots looks elegant. The same is valid for wearing a t-shirt over a sweatshirt, which may liven up a plain t-shirt. 

Add accessories to your outfit and get compliments from your friends! An oversized, long sweatshirt worn as a dress gives off a relaxed streetwear vibe. The roomy sweater complements the denim, drawing attention to your shape.

4- Sweaters for women 

Sweaters for women are the most subtle garment for the winter. Regarding winter attire, sweaters hold a special place in every woman’s wardrobe. However, most women only buy sweaters that give warmth and don’t care much for their looks. 

But you can get the look and heat in one sweater if you know about its varieties. It may be confusing that there are an endless number of jumpers to select from. Cropped Cardigan, Cashmere, Poncho, Jacquard Sweater, Zipper Style, and Funnel Neck Sweaters. Pair the sweaters with your favourite jeans, pants, and skirt, and look absolutely stylish.

5- Other woollen wears

When shopping specifically for the winter, you can also give these varieties a look – turtlenecks, cardigans, thick-knitted jumpers, and casual sweaters. For a heavy outfit look, wear thick sweaters or jumpers. And if you don’t want to feel packed and heavy, wear knitted tops for a thinner layer that packs in all the warmth. 

There are varieties of Winter Jackets like a Quilted Jacket, Leather Jacket, Windcheater, Ski Jacket, Denim Jacket, Hooded Jacket, and blazer. You can also include coats in your outfit. 

Vero Moda has a wide range of jackets and cardigans to shop from. What are you waiting for, get shopping now!