6 Interesting Ways to wear Nehru Jacket in this Diwali eve


In today’s world, fashion is more than just about styling or showing off; it’s also about being comfortable and expressing your personality. Of course, everyone wants to keep up with the latest fashions and trends, like wearing a Nehru jacket. So, let’s take a look at what’s new on the market that can make you look better for your next event. First, let’s talk about the latest fashion trend, Nehru Jacket.

The best outfit is always one that makes you feel good inside. The fashion industry is open to new trends and always appreciates a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. However, fashion is no longer limited to women. Today’s men have decided to always be at the forefront of style and have taken over the fashion scene by wearing the most ethnic yet casual Nehru Jacket. Let’s talk about the most recent and well-liked fashion development in the men’s collection, the Nehru jacket for men. The Nehru jacket, the new style, is simple and always makes a statement.

This enduring Indian attire is not new to the area, but it has also never left the area. With a Nehru jacket, you can show off your bold personality. In addition to having a modern and timeless appearance, it is also simple to maintain. It can give your western clothes a touch of Indian style. Do you want to learn more about how to style it? Let’s check.

  • Wear it with a Shirt 

The versatility of the Nehru jacket is what makes it so appealing. You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion to go completely traditional. Don’t be afraid to wear your sleeveless Nehru jacket with a basic shirt and jeans.

  • Wear a Pocket Square 

Remember to wear a pocket square and try to match it to your shirt’s colour. Additionally, avoid wearing extremely vibrant shades because they need to complement the silhouette’s subtlety.

  • Pair it with a T-shirt

You should wear it with your favourite T-shirt.

You can now wear these casual Nehru jackets for men to elevate your usual jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble. It is beautiful because it transforms everyday clothes into fashionable ones. Don’t worry if you don’t like fashion or current trends; it’s best for you because of its charm and simplicity.

  • Wear it Casually

To achieve a relaxed, casual appearance, remove the jacket’s top buttons. Up the buttons all the way to the top for a festive, more formal look. You can use this to quickly change from “formal” to “casual” attire.

  • Pair it with a kurta pajama

We all agree that the KURTA – PYJAMA Nehru Jacket for men has saved fashion. So if you’re sick of wearing the typical long men’s kurta, you can wear it with a simple but stunning Nehru jacket in a different colour and be ready to steal the show.


  • Wear it on a Sherwani 

This is your chance to transform your basic sherwani outfit into something that will be admired by a fashion model. So please pick up a front-button Nehru jacket and wear it with your sherwani. With the Nehru jacket, your Sherwani will take on a whole new dimension. But first, ensure that the Nehru Jacket and the colour of your sherwani complement one another.

These were our ways of styling a Nehru jacket this Diwali. So try and let us know.