6 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Different Cultures

If you want to broaden your kid’s horizons and help them discover there are people and places around the world that are similar and different, here are some fun ways to get them excited about learning. 

  1. Cook food from different countries: Try recipes from different countries around the world and help them learn about different cooking methods, some of which may not be used locally. Get everyone in the family involved by letting them pick a different recipe.
  2. Watch movies or documentaries about other cultures: Thanks to TV and the internet, there are endless options for watching films, documentaries, and vlogs that explore different cultures. Whatever age your kids are, there will be something suitable to watch.  
  3. Learn a new language: Learning different languages is a good introduction to different cultures and traditions. It also helps you immerse yourself in the culture. They might already be learning a language at school, but there’s nothing wrong with teaching them basic words or phrases of a different language at home. 
  4. Participate in a cultural celebration event: One of the best ways to learn about different cultures is to immerse yourself in an event or holiday. For example, you might consider celebrating American Thanksgiving, Indian Diwali, Chinese New Year, or Mexican Cinco de Mayo. Also, check whether there are any Hispanic Heritage Month events taking place in your area.   
  5. Read books about customs and other places: When it comes to learning about different cultures, think of books as your best friend. You get to explore different places through stories and beautiful illustrations and immerse yourself in different descriptions and words. 
  6. Try crafts that are inspired by other cultures: Crafts are a fun way to learn about different cultures. The internet will give you a great selection of crafts inspired by different cultures. You’ll also find crafts to suit all ages, from toddlers to teens.